Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) Code of Conduct

OSFCI does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking or unwelcome physical contact. This policy applies to your interactions with fellow con-goers, program participants, hotel employees, and guests of the hotel.
Be respectful of and courteous towards others. If you have graduated from kindergarten, we expect you to understand that you need to ask before you touch and that “no” means “no”. If someone tells you “no” or “go away”, your business with them is done. Note that falsely reporting harassing behavior is, itself, a harassing behavior under this code of conduct.

If you feel have been harassed, please find the nearest OryCon volunteer, identifiable by a burgundy badge ribbon with gold lettering. Alternatively, please contact the Information Desk in the lobby, the Office staff in the Weidler room during operating hours, or the Operations staff at any time in the Portland room on the second floor.

Violation of this policy may result in action by the con committee ranging from warnings to having your badge revoked with no refund, and the decision of the event chair is final. Action by the convention in no way precludes the injured individual or the hotel from pursuing whatever remedies, civil or criminal, they see fit.

After the event, OSFCI may take further action, including banning you from further events.

Please note that other behaviors, including but not limited to destruction of hotel property, can also result in the actions described above.

A copy of the procedures for enforcement of this code are available on the OSFCI web site at http://osfci.org/code.html.

Weapons policy

  • The wearing and carrying of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a Masquerade contestant’s costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event.
  • The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade must be approved by the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to comply is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.
  • The OryCon Committee defines as weapons any object designed to cause bodily harm, or any replica of such an object and any other object the Committee determines to be dangerous.
  • However, the Committee reserves the right to amend this definition of a weapon, and the right to impound weapons for the duration of the convention.
  • Any weapons purchased in the Dealer’s Room must be securely wrapped and transported expediently to your vehicle or room.
  • The Committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, the safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration. Because of present liability laws, the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels, we have adopted this policy.

Child policy

  • All children must be registered with the convention, and all children purchasing memberships must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children ages 5 and under are admitted to the convention without charge and will be issued a badge that must be kept with the child (or a nearby diaper bag, for example) rather than with one of the parents. The child must be under the supervision of an adult, or in the official Child Care Area, at all times. If a young child is found unattended, he or she will be delivered to the Child Care Area and the responsible adult(s) will be billed.
  • Children ages 6-12 are admitted at half the adult price and may operate independently as long as they cause no problems. Those not capable of operating responsibly on their own must be kept under adult supervision or taken to the official Child Care Area.
  • All children 12 or under must be under direct adult supervision after 8 PM. Children 8 and over may work as convention volunteers, but those ages 8-11 may do so for no more than 4 hours per day. Those ages 12-16 may do so for no more than 6 hours per day.

Smoking policy

  • We are at the same hotel this year, local laws and conventions leave the smoking policy unchanged.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout all DoubleTree properties. This means no smoking on hotel grounds, per DoubleTree policy. The park across the street is available until it closes at midnight. Please remember there is no smoking at the TriMet station either.

Party policy

What is a party? Any event held in hotel space where:

  • Fliers are posted
  • Public invitations are given out (verbally or written)
  • If Convention Committee or Hotel Security deems it to be a party.


  • A member of Orycon must register the party with Orycon Hotel Liason. This person will be responsible to see that the rest of the rules are followed in their party.
  • The list of parties will be handed off to the OryCon Party Coordinator at con.
  • Responsible individual must not be under the influence of alcohol.
  • A contact list for individuals responsible for each party must be given to the Orycon Party Coordinator prior to the event.
  • If alcoholic drinks are served ALL members must show valid identification.
  • Responsible individual must attend their party during party hours, or if needed, leave someone connected with them in charge with a way to be contacted if they are required to be somewhere else.
  • No alcoholic drinks in other hotel or convention space. All alcohol must remain in the party room.
  • Comply with all hotel rules and Oregon state law. If you do something that gains the attention of the hotel (noise complaints, smoking, etc.) then the person or persons responsible for the room and party are responsible for any fines or legal problems that may arise.

Photo Policy

  • By entering the OryCon convention space, members consent to video and/or audio recording by both OryCon staff and other event attendees.
  • Visual recording includes both photography and videography.
  • Some convention spaces or events will prohibit or restrict visual and/or audio recording; signs will be posted indicating such restrictions.
  • For the purpose of visual recording, OryCon event spaces are not public. Attendees may ask photographers and videographers to not be specifically recorded; however, unintentional or non-specific recording is likely due to the nature of the convention. People have a reasonable expectation of privacy and the right to control visual and audio recording in their hotel rooms.
  • When stopping for photography in a hallway, please be brief and do not block the flow of hallway traffic. Be aware that a flash or other light source may interfere with event activities.
  • OryCon will only accept submissions if they include an explicit statement from the owner of the work giving OryCon permission to reproduce, publish, and distribute the work for the purpose of promoting OryCon. Submissions must be sent in the form of links to online galleries (Flickr, YouTube, Photobucket, Facebook, etc.). Attachments will be ignored. Please send all submissions to photos@orycon.org.

Mask Policy

Facemasks are not allowed to be worn in the main lobby area of the hotel or in the restaurant or bar. Anyone with full face paint will not be served in the bar. (They have to be able to match your ID with your face.) This also applies to the OryCon bar, Writers Rest (Room 1563). See the clever diagram below. Masks are not allowed in the areas highlighted in yellow. 

Signage Policy

OryCon staff and attendees may only put up signage with blue painters tape in the following approved areas (tape MUST be on the backside of signage and not visible): Inside OryCon space (in panel rooms and ballrooms); on easels provided for signage; on panel room doors when printed on the official template; the walls of the elevator landings on the 14th and 15th floors. Flyers may also be posted on the OryCon-provided easels or signposts (check at the Info Desk for locations).

Flyers need to be printed per the hotel provided template. A copy of the template is available in the OryCon Office, and by download (PDF| Word DOC).

Do not post signs in the following areas: elevators; lobby, restaurants, and coffee bar; hotel public restrooms; any entry/exit
door to the Hotel. Signs posted in disallowed places will be removed.