Artist - Mark Roland

Mark Roland creates imaginary worlds, in oils, acrylics, and graphic media. Since 1975, he has been showing his work at Science­Fiction and Fantasy conventions, receiving over 100 awards in the process. His highly individualistic work has spanned the genres of Fantasy, Mythology, Psychedelia, Landscape, and Visionary Art. Widely known as a fine art printmaker, he has produced and hand printed his incredibly detailed etchings, including his ongoing series "The Enchanted Forest", since 1981.

He has worked as an illustrator for magazines such as Realms Of Fantasy, Witches and Pagans, and Different Worlds. He was one of the original staff artists and later art director for the seminal New Age publication, Magical Blend Magazine. His images have been featured on book covers, role­playing games and cd packages. In addition to his Fantasy art and illustration work, he is considered part of the West Coast Visionary Art movement. Roland's imaginary landscapes have been exhibited in numerous gallery shows, and represented in several museum group retrospectives of the Visionary school.

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