Orycon News

Come to the Office Table, located in the Fan Tables, to pick up your weekend parking pass! Prices are:

  • $18 Thurs/Fri
  • $12 Sat
  • $6 Sun

The price covers parking from the day you buy it to the end of the con. Note: These are not the same as the passes for hotel guests. These passes are for those who are not staying at the hotel.

Our friends at the DoubleTree always come up with a special menu for us. We don't have a list of the special cocktails (though we're betting the Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster returns), but we do know their bar food specials. Enjoy!

The OryConian is going monthly! This announcements-only email newsletter will keep you up-to-date on all things OryCon, including Guests of Honor news, upcoming events, and important deadlines like ticket price increases and hotel availability.

You'll only get it once a month, and we promise not to give your email to anyone else. Sign up here.

Facemasks are not allowed to be worn in the main lobby area of the hotel or in the restaurant or bar. Anyone with full face paint will not be served in the bar. (They have to be able to match your ID with your face.) This also applies to the OryCon bar, Writers Rest (Room 1563). See the clever diagram below. Masks are not allowed in the areas highlighted in yellow.

Thanks for understanding.

Hey, kids and parents! Curious about what we have planned for OryKids this year? Drop by the Broadway room Friday at 4pm to meet some of our volunteers, see our set-up, play some quick games and sign up to play games later!   

Our very last meeting before the convention is October 25th @1pm at the Hotel, room to be announced later. The DoubleTree Hotel is at 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232.

EEK! The hotel is chock-a-block full! If you haven't gotten a reservation, send an email to hotel@orycon.org. We'll put you on a list to get any cancelled reservations. If you need to cancel a reservation, PLEASE send an email to hotel@orycon.org first. We'll transfer it to the first available person in need of a room.

Take a note for con: Would you like to help to improve children's programs at Orycon? Come and check out the programs that interest you. Then let us know what you think and/or volunteer for next year by putting your comments in our suggestion box (located in the Broadway room.)

The deadline for hotel reservations at the OryCon rate is Thursday, October 16th! Get your room now; you're running out of time, and they're running out of rooms (but still have rooms available if you hurry).

Speaking of which: We still have a room or two available for room parties, especially on Friday night. Gather some pop, chips, and salsa, and email parties@orycon.org to secure a room on the party floor. Join the fun, and make some legends!


The Doubletree now requires us to use their template for ALL signage, even signs used in our space; only blue tape may be used, and it must not show. If you need signs printed, come see us in the office at con.