Welcome to Orycon, Day One!

The hotel is filling up with people in all kinds of colorful costumes, coffee is brewing in Hospitality, Info Desk is flexing their mighty info-filled brains, Gaming is sorting through their many-sided dice, Dealers are getting ready to hurry up and take your money already, and Registration is poised and ready.

Let's do this thing.

Highlights to remember:

  • Our online schedule makes planning your weekend easier! Use it as a mobile app, have it email you your schedule every morning, and/or print it out.
  • The Daily OryConian newsletter will be available every morning, with changes, additions, cancellations and general nonsense. Look for it at all official access points, like Info Desk, Office, Hospitality, Registration and so on.
  • There are areas of the hotel you cannot enter in face masks or face paint.
  • The hotel is stuffed to the gills, so don't depend on early check-in. Our front desk friends remind us, though, that they will watch your baggage so you can enjoy the day until your room is ready.
  • Parking passes are available at a discount for folks NOT already staying at the hotel.
  • And...follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or watch the hashtag #Orycon36, for news, notices, updates and even more general nonsense.
  • Posted: 7 November 2014