We love parties, we’d love for you and or your group to host a party, and we’d also love for you to read the following information.

General Info

  • We need to know ahead of time that you want to host a party. At least a month before the convention is preferable. Book your hotel room with the convention. There is a link under the “Hotel” tab that will allow you to book a room at our discounted rate.
  • Once you’ve booked your room let us know, send an email to and give them your name and reservation number. That will help us in putting you on the “Party Floor.” This is the floor designated by the hotel that will allow us to have parties, typically this is the 15th floor.
  • Tell us if you’d like us to publicize your party. We’ll have a link on our website stating which groups are hosting open parties at the convention.
  • Read the rules and policies of Parties at Orycon (see below). Be aware we do enforce these rules and ignorance of the rules will not exempt you or your group/convention from them.

What is a party? Any event held in hotel space where:

  • Fliers are posted
  • Public invitations are given out (verbally or written)
  • If Convention Committee or Hotel Security deems it to be a party


  • A member of Orycon must register the party with the Orycon Party Liaison. This person will be responsible to see that the rest of the rules are followed in their party.
  • The list of parties will be handed off to the OryCon Party Coordinator at con.
  • Responsible individual must not be under the influence of alcohol.
  • A contact list for individuals responsible for each party must be given to the Orycon Party Coordinator prior to the event.
  • If alcoholic drinks are served ALL attendees must show valid identification.
  • The responsible individual must attend their party during party hours, or if needed, leave someone connected with them in charge with a way to be contacted if they are required to be somewhere else.
  • No alcoholic drinks are allowed in other hotel or convention space. All alcohol must remain in the party room.
  • You must comply with all hotel rules and Oregon state law. If you do something that gains the attention of the hotel (noise complaints, smoking, etc.) then the person or persons responsible for the room and party are responsible for any fines or legal problems that may arise.