Dealer Information

Registration for the Dealer's Room is closed.  See you at the convention!

Please contact the Dealers' Liaison for more information.
Booths: (Up to 10′ x 10′) are $125 and include one 6′ or 8′ table. Tables after the first one are $15 each.
Tables: (Up to 8' x 10') are $80 and include one 6' or 8' table. No additional tables are allowed in Table spaces.

Note: Individual table sizes are limited by availability. If the optimum table size is not available, the next viable option will be used. Clearance is roughly 7 feet, so canopies or high walls taller than six feet are not allowed. Do not hang anything from the overhead pipes.

Dealers' Membership rates
Dealer memberships now scale according to the same schedule as the general membership. There are a maximum of 4 memberships available for each vendor at this price.

  • $20 until 12/31/2013
  • $25 until 3/31/2014
  • $30 until 7/31/2014
  • $40 until 10/25/2014
  • $45 on 10/26/2014 and thereafter


Registration for the Dealer's Room is closed.  See you at the convention!

Mail forms and fees to:
ORYCON 36 Dealers Room
P.O. Box 5464
Portland, OR 97228-5464


Before the convention:

  • Space in the dealers room or on the waiting list will only be assigned on receipt of full payment, completed registration and the waiver form. Deposits will not be accepted.
  • Every dealer staff person in the Dealers' Room during the convention (attendee, dealer or helper) is required to have a membership. Each worker in your space must have their own membership. “<Business Name> Minion” is not an acceptable legal name unless you can produce ID with that name on it.
  • The Dealers' Room may sell out early. If your registration is received after all space has been sold, you will be given the option of being placed on the Waiting List or redrawing and receiving a refund.
  • Please note: any refunds are usually paid following the convention. Refunds or returns prior to the convention may be possible only if a formal notification of cancellation is received by the dealers liaison before Oct. 15, 2014 or before your payment is processed.
  • Any space that is not claimed by its occupant by noon on the first day of the event will be subject to reassignment to someone on the waiting list or resold. No refunds will be issued for a "No-Notice No-Show". The only exceptions are made in cases of actual emergencies. Please notify the dealer's liaison at as soon as you possibly can in such situations. If you are running late, you can prevent reassignment of your space by giving advance notice of the delay. All dealers with confirmed space will be given a number to contact in case of such an event. It can also be used to notify the liaison if you need to cancel your participation in OryCon.


  • We must comply with the rules of the Portland Fire Marshal, and we could be inspected during OryCon. The aisles must be 8’ wide and unblocked. Each extension cord (from the wall) can have only one power strip plugged into it.
  • Please don't rearrange your space or exchange without speaking to the Dealers’ Room Liaison first.
  • Those of you requesting access to electrical outlets need to know that OryCon's supply of power strips and extension cords is limited and in high demand convention wide. If you have such equipment of your own, please bring it. Label your equipment! Don't forget to check that it is all with you when you leave.
  • No Canopies or high walls (more than 6 feet) can be allowed. Clearance is roughly 7'. Please do not hang anything from the overhead pipes.
  • Wall space does exist but there is a four inch high and three foot deep riser along the windowed wall. Ceiling clearance is only about seven feet and is variable, due to pipes that are part of the structure. Do not hang anything from the overhead pipes.
  • Please choose the display methods for your merchandise responsibly. Please utilize screens or containers to block view and easy access to materials of an adult nature from the aisle. Courtesy and discretion will be appreciated.

During the convention:

  • Only paid members and guests of the convention are allowed into the Dealers' Room. If someone who is neither is bringing you something, ask them to pick up a delivery pass at Registration. If you think you'll need one, you can get one beforehand as well.
  • Please keep your displays and merchandise inside your space. This rule applies to booths and tables. Do not burn incense or display open perfume containers. Keep music and video reasonably discrete. If someone wants to hear a sample more loudly, please provide earphones.
  • OryCon is a weaponless convention. If you are selling weapons (swords, knives, daggers, blasters, pea-shooters or whatever), bring the usual means of wrapping them securely for transport out of the Dealers' Room.
  • Buyers of bladed weapons or products MUST be over the age of 18 or accompanied by a custodial guardian who MUST conduct the transaction. You must check ID on sales. Violating this provision will result in expulsion from the Dealers’ Room without refund.
  • If you want something from Hospitality, please ask for a “to go” container. They’ll be happy to provide you with one. Do not carry open plates from hospitality to the Dealers’ Room.
  • When the room closes for the evening - you close, too. Deal with any remaining customers politely and quickly. Please, close down your spaces quickly so those of us without assistants can have our dinners, too.
  • Once the Exhibit Hall is locked, no one will be allowed inside unless the Dealers’ Room Liaison or the Art Show Director is with them.

Dealers’ Information and Hotel Layout, OryCon 36

A few things have changed from last year. Please take the time to skim through even if it looks largely the same as last year.

Before you arrive: Please bring…

… extension cords and plug-in strips if you need electricity, if you possibly can. I have some, but I can’t guarantee I’ll have enough for everyone.

Also, consider bringing sheets with which you can cover your stuff at the end of the day. If you need to leave before all the customers have been herded out the door, that gives a bit of token security to your space.

Dealers’ Room Hours





12:00 PM

6:00 PM


10:00 AM

7:00 PM


11:00 AM

4:00 PM

Friday: 8AM – Noon

I’ll have the spaces marked out by 3PM Thursday. Don’t take a different space. Balancing the needs of wall space/electricity/no perfumes/animal allergies is a challenge.  The Exhibit Hall map has space numbers marked out.

I’ll be tall, lanky, haggard guy running around with a bright green plaid shirt. You have to get your badges from me before you get too far into setting up your space. I don’t know all of you by sight, and the folks I’ll have helping don’t either. Help me help you keep your stuff safe by making it easier to identify the people who should (and shouldn’t) be packing it around.  Anybody without an appropriate badge, who is not OryCon staff, will be asked to leave.


Sunday: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

Dealers must be out by 8pm.  I have volunteers who will be watching the doors for security while dozens of people are running in and out. If you want to have someone helping who is *not* part of the convention, they *must* have a “helper” badge to distinguish them from a random thief taking advantage of the chaos. Please contact me for details.  Anybody without an appropriate badge, who is not a member of OryCon staff, will be asked to leave.

Please do your best to pick up in your space before leaving. I don’t expect you to use a vacuum, but wadded-up food wrappers and semi-empty pop cans are just tacky.

Applications for next year will be available Sunday morning.


During non-operating hours Thursday evening to Sunday morning, the Exhibit Hall will be locked. When the Dealers’ Room is closed and the Art Show isn’t, OryCon Security will be watching to be sure nobody ducks through the pipe and drape. 
Outside of setup and tear down hours, the back door will be Exit Only.  It will be locked from the outside and there will be no volunteers letting people in through that door.

Food Arrangements

Dealers are welcome to get food in the Hospitality Suite. It’s a reliable source of sandwiches, and there’s other food on a regular basis. I’ll get as much information as I can before the con. Please note that food coming out of Hospitality for any destination at all must be in a reasonably secure, covered container of some sort. You’ll welcome to bring food back to your booth, but it must be in a covered plate. This is for both discretion (walking through the lobby with an open cheeseburger is ugly) and safety (collisions are somewhat less likely to pour spaghetti on the carpet).

Multnomah Grill and the Gather (more bar-like atmosphere) will stay open each night until 1am, with the kitchens for the grill and bar staying open until 12:30am.

We also have a VooDoo Doughnuts truck and may have Bro Dogs in the driveway between the hotel and the parking garage (i.e. right in front of the Exhibit Hall where the Dealers’ Room is).  More information on these food vendors will be available closer to con.

Unfortunately, it’s very likely that I can’t offer the yummy coffee service that we have in years past. There’s coffee in the restaurants and espresso at the coffee bar in the hotel.

Exhibit Hall map
Exhibit Hall, DoubleTree, Dealer's Room



If you’re planning to stay at the Doubletree but haven’t made your reservations, be sure to make them before October 16th, when the OryCon group rate closes. Prices go up after then.

Doubletree Hotel
1000 NE Multnomah Street
Portland, OR 97232

Google Maps:

NOTE: The hotel has promised to keep the heat on overnight. This is particularly important for the Art Show, but we benefit as well. I like not freezing my butt off in the morning.

Hotel MapHotel Map