Dealer's Room

We have had many fantastic vendors from year to year.  This year is shaping up to have another great mix as well.

Please contact the Dealers' Liaison for more information.

These are the vendors we currently expect to see at OryCon 36.  This list and map are subject to change at any time, without notice, up to and during the convention itself.

Exhibit Hall, DoubleTree, Dealer's Room


Business Location
Dragon's Head Books B 01
Out of Our Minds B 02
Games Plus B 03-04
Rose City Acupuncture & Massage B 05
Cordochorea Creations B 06
Northwest Independent Writer's Association B 07
Firefox B 08-09
Fuzzy Hedgehog Press B 10
Maria Berry Enterprises B 11
The Green Wolf B 12
Ember Fox Arts B 13-14
The Savage Norde B 15
The Guiding Tree B 16
Angelwear Creations B 17
DragonStorm Sports B 18
Silverthorne Crafts B 19
Wings 'N Thangs B 20
Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique B 21-22
Friends Of Filk B 23
Book Universe B 24-25
Attention Span Games B 26
Mertha B 27
Pen Guins B 28
Guardian Games B 30-31
Sigh Co Graphics B 32-33
Pixel Art Paradise B 34
Midnight Armor T 01
  T 02
AM Brosius and Byte Productions T 03
Aether Work LLC T 04
Beerhamster T 05
Fantasy Creations T 06
Tori Meader T 07
Foxtail Artisanry T 08
Geeky Wench and the Odd Little Bird T 09
Norseman Ventures T 10
Susan Petry Auction T 11-12
Martha Hull AA 01
Realm Crux books AA 02
Jason Andrew (Editor Guest of Honor) AA 03
Daniel A. Willis AA 04
Incandescence Press AA 05