Costume Contest

This year OryCon is holding a contest in a format closer to what you may have seen at other conventions.  We have some incredible costumers and cosplay enthusiasts in our membership, and to encourage that sector of our community, we will be staging a more traditional competition.  We will have a panel of three judges, including our cosplay GOH, Jesse Lagers!

There will be three categories for the competition: 

Cosplay, for those that want to compete against others that focus on developing a character with careful attention to detail, accuracy and technique.  

Costuming, for individuals or small groups that have created a cool idea or project, with less emphasis on the details of creation and more on the presentation and effect.   

Kids, for our contestants under 18 that wish to show of their awesome outfits.  Teenagers 16 and above can compete in the first two categories if they wish, the kids category is to encourage younger competitors to show us what they got, even if they don't have the resources to develop something at the higher levels.

We will be holding the kid's competition first, so they can proceed on to other activities before bedtime.  The competition will be Saturday afternoon.  See the schedules when they are published for information.  Contestants will need to be prepared to gather before the contests for picture taking and organization.  Cosplay category contestants will be meeting with the judges before the contest to provide a close up analysis of their outfit.  For questions, please email

Want to show off your costume skills?
Interested in competing in our costume contest?

Read through the rules, and fill out the form!  Bring the form with you to the contest.  Cosplay category contestants should show up at the main ballroom at 4:30pm for pre-judging, other contestants to the Ross Island room at 5pm for photography and registration.  The costume contest will start at 6pm.  Please have a form filled out and ready.  Forms will also be availible at the info booth and at the office.


The following rules must be adhered to at all times during the contest. Failure to do so will disqualify you from the contest. If you have questions about the rules, please contact

  1. You may attach a reference photo to your contest entry form. This is suggested if you are participating in the cosplay category, or if you are representing an obscure character or version of a character.
  2. You must have an OryCon badge to compete. It does not need to be showing while on stage, but you must show your badge to compete.
  3. OryCon has a no-weapon policy, including prop weapons. If your costume has weapons that serve as a necessary part of it, you are allowed to bring them to the staging room and the ballroom for the contest. They must be wrapped or covered, and you must bring them directly from your room to the contest, and then return them immediately after. If you have a particularly large weapon prop, please ask the staff for an escort. Projectile props of any kind must not have any ammunition, regardless of type (water, foam, etc.)
  4. No flame, fire, smoke, liquids, pressurized gasses, lasers, sharks with lasers or similar substances may be used with your costume.
  5. Follow the directions of the stage staff at all times. Only enter and exit the stage as directed.
  6. Never surprise the staff on stage. If your costume involves a special effect designed to wow or surprise the crowd, inform the staff of it beforehand.
  7. OryCon is a family friendly event. Costumes need to be PG-13 in what they reveal, and your actions and language on stage need to reflect this.
  8. Final judgment about any costume appropriateness will fall to the Costume Contest MC, and his decision will be final.

Download the form (Word)