Children's Programming and OryKids

Over the last several years, we've been expanding children's programming to make OryCon a more family-friendly event. Our children's programs explore many fan interests: gaming, crafts, costuming, music, science, and stories/writing; and are scheduled in one centrally located room. The age range for these activities varies from 3-12, and will be listed in the program descriptions.

What's New This Year:
  • More gaming! We found some great people, from the Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery in Beaverton to lead a make your own game workshop on Saturday, gaming sessions on Friday and Saturday nights that you can sign up for ahead of time, and more!
  • A new writing workshop - invent your own mythic heroes or gods with help from published authors on Friday 5-6 pm ! 
  • An even better OryKids Dance Party on Friday 6-7 pm. Come in costume and dance to great recorded music and special light effects. Join some group dances or do your own thing! 
  • Two play sessions for younger kids (about 3-6) on Saturday and Sunday mornings with cardboard fort building and more!
  • We have designed new adventures for Frankenstuffies in the Dungeon Crawl game on Saturday 1-2 pm. Use your wits and battle evil!
  • Come and get your face painted or work on our parade banner and then join the OryKids Costume Parade on Saturday from  5-6 pm.
  • Robots! Spaceships! Gadgets! Upcycle metal tins into whatever you can think up in a 2 hour craft workshop on Sunday 1-3 pm. 
Please note that our programs are not childcare and that OryCon rules and common sense should guide you in whether or not to accompany your child.